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  1. Alfred John Kisi
    February 17, 2023 @ 7:22 pm

    Hello Your Majesty HRM QUEEN Amb. Dr. Uba Iwunwa JP.

    You’re If I May, Majesty I Would Like To Take A Moment Of Your Time,
    It Has Been A Great Honor To Receiving Your Post Here In New South Wales Australia, Now I Would Just To Say Thank You!

    So Much For Posting About The EMPIRE OF The DAVID Certificate Of Citizenship! I Have Sent A Big Post To My Profile Here On In New South Wales Australia Addressing Your Post Out There In Full Public Is Not Normal For Myself Putting So Many Personal Details About Myself On The Line But I Do Think My Post Is Of Great Importance If Could Be Presanted With One Of Them As This Could Benefit Humanity Here In On My Alfred John Kisi Profile Australia Then Also Humanity Across The Globe In Some Ways Using Social Meader To See If It Can Benefit Humanity & Myself With In Saying That! I Think That If I Myself Was Awarded One Of

    The EMPIRE OF The DAVID Certificate Of Citizenship Would Be So Very Benifishual In My Work In Assisting Helping People Here In Australia Going Through The Great Changers That are Going On All Over The World At Present!

    My Wife Lizzie Kisi All Ready Going Through Mager Change Within The Past 13Yrs Of Us Being In A New Marrid Relationship, We Have Had The Utmost Hardship In 2010 I Had Come Down With Extra Bad Menjites Disease That Sent My Body Into 15 Mini Strokes & 1 Mager Stroke It Had Taken A Lot Of Yrs To Recover From This Disease, Following On To 2020 Now only 3 Yrs Later I Had Also Suffered From A Burst Olsor In My Stomic It Was An Emergency Rush To Our Local Hospital In Scone In The Upper Hunter Shire Council 2337 Postal Code Area In The Hunter Vally/Newcastle Of New South Wales Australia I Had Been Sent To A Maitland Hospital There They Cut My Stomic Open Tried To Repair The Damage In There But Iy Did Not Work From Maitland They Then Sent Me To The Biggest Hospital In The Southen Hemisfear The John Hunter Hospital In They They Proceeded To Then Start The Second Operation That By This Stage My Bodie Had Become Infected The A Germ Called Sepsis It Was A Full On Concern For My Wife As She Was Told To Prepair For The Worst & To Contact My Family As In My 2 Adult Children Michael Kisi & Kristy-Leigh Kisi + My Mother Lynn Pearce Aged 73 Yrs Old Who Has Now Also Passed Away 2 Weeks After My Older Brother Steven Kisi Age 55Yrs Died From 2 Inopprible Brain Cancer Turmers,
    So Yes From My Family Gave There Consent To The 2nd Operation That Did Not Work To Fix My Stomic It Was A Huge Mess Apparently So From There I Was Given The 3Rd Operation In This Operation My Heart Stopped Up To Around 6th Time I Also Had Almost Been Pronounced Dead On The Operation Table After Receiving The Electic Paddles To Restart My Heart That Did Work Thank God! The All Mighty Because I Am Now Here Letting You Know About This That Had Happened To Myself In 2020 It Has Taken Now 3 Years Full Recovery There Is A Lot To Tell About Myself I Have Like A Lot Of People This Moden Day And Age Been Through The Great School Of Hard Knox Called My life Now Doing What I Can To Tell My 54 Years Of Age My Story It Is Now The New Golden Age Of Of Planetary Change & I Have So Much Insights & Life Experience’s To Tell To The Right People At The Correct Time, I Have Always Been My Own Leadership With 8 Yrs Of Network Marketing Experience A Lot Of Money & Time Spent On Personal Development & Motivation Skills I Have A Greatness Of Gratitude With A Lot Of Respect For Humanity Because All Our Lives Matter People Will now Start Growing With Now The World Is In A Fundamental Mager Chang Is Now Here For Humanity!

    My Life Is Self Healed Of Many Things That Can Go Wrong With A Person’s Life That Has Near Ended Over 10 Times In 54 Years!

    Ok, So I Will Leave It There For Now, I Will Greatly Appreciate For Reading My Letter To You There Your Majesty Thank You!
    To HRM QUEEN Amb. Dr. Uba Iwunwa JP.

    Best Of My Regards: Alfred John Kisi


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