A MAD Security Policy

Nuclear hair trigger
Nuclear hair trigger

The UN structure for world security is MAD

The term MAD an acronym for Mutually Assured Destruction, to the unlearned or poorly researched may sound like a conspiracy theory, yet the ugly truth is that anyone who understands world security policy knows that the policy set into place after world war two is aptly named; Mutually Assured Destruction, as this policy has now placed the whole world on a thermal nuclear hair trigger.

China Warheads 2015


USA Warheads 2015


Russia Warheads 2015


Mutually Assured Destruction

MAD is the term used by military analysts and strategists the world over as it is the name of security system that has been installed by world powers after world war two. The rational that if one country uses it both countries are dead is just as insane as the acronym.

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security failure by the un

World Conflict by Design

The world security structure today is so evil that an arch enemy of humanity can not do better. Geopolitical conflict today is fueled by world powers in order to keep competitors fighting while they supply both sides with weapons. Countries without internal conflict such as Sweden have the seeds of conflict sown into them with masses of refugees incompatible with Swedish culture are allowed to flood the country in order to fuel strife and conflict. Strife and conflict internally and externally can easily be traced to large outside powers sowing the seeds of strife and dissent thereby igniting and fueling conflicts in regions they wish to affect change in.