Rise Up and Celebrate Ethiopian

The Kingdom of David Awakens the Ethiopians
Rise Up Ethiopian

Rise Up and Celebrate Ethiopian

Submitted by Kingdom of David on Fri, 10/30/2009 – 19:01

The Ethiopian people have a rich heritage and history of love and unity with Israel since the time of King Solomon. The blessed mother of her people the Queen of Sheba, went on a journey upwards to see with her own eyes the wondrous reports of a Kingdom filled with beauty and a King filled with wisdom and at the center, was the Temple of God, the source of the blessings, the wisdom and the beauty.
She learned of the the wisdom and goodness and as a loving mother to her people, the blessed Queen sought to secure forever a binding connection and an inextricable relationship with the children of Israel, the God of Israel, uniting forever the destiny of Ethiopia with the destiny of Israel.

Since that time the Ethiopian people have been covered by the hedge of God”s protection, even during the brief  time that Ethiopia was occupied by Mussolini”s forces, Ethiopia was never colonized an retains her rich unbroken history thanks to the wisdom of the blessed Queen of Sheba to take for her country, for her people the wisdom of King Solomon and the knowledge of his God.

In many ways the Queen of Sheba was a sort of human counterpart to King Solomon. Like the Queen, King Solomon sought wisdom in order to lead the people, and because he sought wisdom and not treasure or the death of his enemies, God gave him wisdom that the bible says has never been nor ever will be exceeded.

I think in the same way, and one can argue even more so, the Queen of Sheba sought wisdom so much she was willing to travel over crocodile infested waters, braving the elements and bandits on a journey upwards to Zion. She left forever changed and took with her the wisdom and knowledge that has forever changed Ethiopia and her people.