Save Jerusalem


The beautiful city of Jerusalem is about to change forever, the familiar low buildings red tiled roofs and quaint small town atmosphere is about to be replaced with New York style tall high density buildings that hides the sun and blue sky and eliminates the open space replacing it with walls all around destroying the outside pleasure of blue skies sun and open space.

The city planning department is replacing human need and resident desires with a master plan that maximizes profits.

The master plan of Jerusalem is a continuation of the evil crimes perpetrated against the residents of Mamilla that being to remove the poor from the cities and replace them with the wealthy as is evident with all the luxury buildings being erected.

If nothing is done to stop City Hall, Jerusalem will be unrecognizable and most of your friends and the colorful characters that Jerusalem is famous for will be lost in the plan by City Hall to “gentrify” the city of Jerusalem.

Together we can fight city hall and win! The current law on the books since 1953 limits construction near the old city to four stories and other laws require resident notification and approval. It is understood that these bodies are often rigged in favor of the rich developers but we as a group will be holding individuals accountable for discharging their duties and responsibilities according to the law and not allow anyone to hide behind a title or office.

If you share our concern about Jerusalem and want to be a part of this historic movement to Save Jerusalem, please join us for a no nonsense meeting.

Purpose of the Meeting: To Save Jerusalem
Requirement: You love Jerusalem
Reminder: Share this event with your friends who love Jerusalem

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