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Kingdom of David Global Security Shield

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Global Anti Missile Shield

The Kingdom of David has the capability of refurbishing the hardware of nations aligned with the Kingdom of David by placing in their jet fighters, tanks, ships and submarines, Israeli technology linked to space and air based systems that will integrate and enhance their systems into a global security network.

The Kingdom of David will have the technology and resources to provide a global military anti-missile shield to aligned countries providing a security against threats from the sky ground or sea as these systems can have the capability of hitting terrestrial targets from space. Israel has been producing for over 20 years the highest technologies in all areas of human interest, areas such as medicine, agriculture, computers and robotics.

Kingdom of David Global Security Integration

Things like voice over ip (skype) are Israeli originated technologies. In 1987 all the top graphics firms that required what would have been considered super-computing back then, were not using Apple computers, but Israeli imported SYQUEST computers, which were compared to the Apple computer as Ferrari to a tricycle, the area of military technology is no different. For instance the difference between an F16 Jet fighter and an F16i Jet fighter is the Israeli technology inside which will shoot down the ordinary American F16 at a rate better than 4 to 1 as demonstrated in war games.

The Arrow2 anti-missile technology is the best protection in the world against incoming missiles. Countries such as India are lining up to buy these systems for protection against Pakistan and China. The predator-unmanned aircraft are highly Israeli technology.

Global Security is possible with a New Global Security Alignment by the Kingdom