World Failure


Several thousand protesters demonstrated to oppose the nuclear deal with Iran in New York City in July [Mike Segar/Reuters]

World Failure, Countdown To A Nuclear Iran


While the world dillydallies on sanctions Russia”s atomic energy minister has announced today that in August they will fuel the nuclear power plant in the city of Bushehr despite their support of “sanctions” Russia as permanent member of the United Nations Security Council must by this forked tongue announcement reveals one inescapable point, that is the sanctions Russia has signed onto will not stop Iran”s Nuclear ambitions. The Kingdom of David Jerusalem arm has sent letters to the ambassador of Russia and Austria, warning them of the consequences of their actions.

The clock is ticking and the window for military action is rapidly closing as a bombing raid on an operational nuclear power plant could create an environmental disaster that could make the nuclear power plant explosion at Chernobyl look small in comparison creating a global backlash against the country that struck militarily. That means Israel,  since Israel has most to lose from a nuclear Iran. Israel has saved the world from a nuclear menace in the 80″s from Iraq bombing its facilities and in 2009 striking a Syrian nuclear power plant. In both previous military strikes the plants had not yet been fired up. Now it is time for Benjamin Netanyahu to step up to the plate and save the world from the menace of a nuclear threat and Bomb Iran without delay, The Kingdom of David action arm called “Lemallah, which means “upwards” has sent letters to the Prime Minister, conducted demonstrations in front of his residence and made a video about it on Youtube. The Russian Atomic Energy Minister was giving Israel fair warning, if your going bomb bomb don”t talk”


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The Kingdom of David is the Hope for Israel and a Failed United Nations Global System that is leading the world to global insecurity, global injustice, global bankruptcy and next is global tyranny unless challenged by the only system outside the system, The Kingdom of David.