I am His Right Highness to His Holiness MELEKMOESHE BYNYHWH of the ANTIQUITIES IMPERIAL KINGDOM OF YHDH and Serve as the Deputy High-Priest to the Ancient Holy Order of MLKTZDK (Melchezidek) with over 30K Hours of Biblical Studies, Quran Studies, and 25k Hours of studies in Natural Medicines, Minerals and Healings of the Earth , 15k Hours of Specialty Studies in Anxiety, Stress, and Mental Health. •President of the Royal House of Chiefs-Council of High-Priest, •Vice-President of The Holy Royal Crown Council of The Antiquities Imperial Kingdom of YHDH-YCQN •President Privy Council of His High Holiness Office MELEKMOESHE BYNYHWH • Royal Chief High-Priest of The HOUSE of YHWH •President of Sirach Health & Wellness •Director of Board of T.A.S.T.E. Foundation •Director of Board Liberation of Oppression Movement •Vice-Chairman Clergy Conclave Conventions • Director of Health & Wellness Children of Moses Foundation •Tanzanian Central City of Perfect Peace Chief Liaison Officer • A Founding Member of The Jr. Hydrocephalus Foundation • Director of T.A.I.KO.Y. Trust Group of The Orients