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"Blessed are the Peacemakers"

May 2021

World Peace Tracts

Press Briefing

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May 2021

Nobel Prize Endorsement

May 2021

World Peace Tracts


January 20, 2020

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict explained

February 5, 2020

Israel Announces Partnership With U.A.E. Will it work?

February 14, 2020

Trump Peace Plan

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Leading the World’s peace policy to advance the interests and security of humanity.

peacetracts-Leaflet_Drop_near_Hawijah_Iraq_06_March_2008-480x319Front Lines

  • Since our founding in 2007 we have been on the frontlines of war and peace.

Peace Tractspeacelove

  • Short message comics that tell true stories of peace, effectively shattering years of hatred and lies.


  • PeacePaks are care packages that contain essential supplies to support victims of war.

diplomatsPeace Diplomacy

  • Over 600 World Peace Diplomats across the world support our diplomatic efforts


  • Love guides us in everything that we do. Without love good deeds are meaningless

Meet Our Endorsers

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Prime Minister Of Israel Shimon Peres

Fredrik Willhem De Klerk

Véronique Lönnerblad

World in Conflict

Conflict between India and Pakistan

Al-Shabab in Somalia

North Korea Crisis

Civil War in Libya

War in Yemen