Sir Paul Graham Kirk

I am 66years young, single & live out in the country in a 6 bedroom country homestead, with my 2 pet dogs. I have been very involved with Panterra D’oro, working with Ken Cousins who is now the protector for KOD. I have come into significant funds & are building a luxurious House on wheels, from the skeleton of a Scania Coach, which is said to be the Rolls Royce of coaches, it has mana, that makes a statement of credibility. I intend to paint the words on the 2 sides of the coach “I am a citizen of KOD, come in & ask me” I am currently building this vehicle from scratch, my budget is in the region of NZ$700,000. I have written to his Royal Highness, seeking permission to complete this project & travel round NZ promoting the KOD & offering citizen application forms. My goal is to attract 60% of NZ population into the KOD, thus weakening the might of the matrix & all it’s players & actors. I am 100% committed to this vision of changing NZ from this Tyrannical system to one of freedom & utopia, by encouraging people to shed the shackles of mediocrity & embrace their inherent greatness, this is just a matter of how; ask me & I shall enlighten you.