Dr. Abaye Elizabeth Iyadi

Elizabeth Iyadi Abaye is a minister of GOD, called into the Apostolic ministry of taking the gospel to all nations. She is the president of Elizabeth Abaye outreach ministry. A ministry dedicated to missions. She has gone to various parts of the world proclaiming the truth of God’s Word. And lives has been transformed through the works of God’s grace upon her life. And also, she is the senior Pastor of UNIQUE BLOSSOM MINISTRY INT’L Elizabeth Iyadi Abaye is an author, and her book “GRACE UPON GRACE” has made many impact in the body of Christ. She is a motivational speaker, a teacher, a revivalist, an intercessor. Elizabeth Iyadi Abaye is an easy going person, daring to achieve her GOD given purpose, she is very determined, never giving up on what she believes in.