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World Change

The kingdom of David Exposes UN failure
The kingdom of David Exposes UN failure

Founded after World War II to replace the failed League of Nations, The United Nations was established to stop wars between countries, and to provide a platform for dialogue. Cut from the same cloth, the United Nations has not brought the world closer to world peace, freedom or prosperity. The UN global structure for world security is MAD, an acronym for “Mutually Assured Destruction” This policy translates into placing the whole world on a global nuclear ‘hair trigger’ The world as a result is less secure as this policy does not take into account the beliefs of such people as the Iranian Leaders, known as the “twelvers” who believe that by setting the world ablaze in a huge war with their enemies will trigger the coming of their promised messiah or savior. The accepted global currency is based on nothing and backed by promises from bankers and politicians.

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